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Main Office:
235 Resurrection Drive
Kitchener, Ontario
N2N 3H2, Canada

Toronto Office:
145 Minglehaze Drive
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9V 4W7, Canada

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to provide you with information on our services. Information is our most important tool and it is needed daily to solve problems effectively and make wise decisions. Dhan Systems Management provides the following services to enable your company to manage its data/information efficiently and correctly for day-to-day operations and long-term decision-making.
Our main services are:

Software Development - Customize Accounting Software

Hardware configuration

Software Training

New Systems Design

Existing Systems Modification

Our Projects

Our consultants will work with you to define your specific system needs and design a Windows 95, Windows 98, Windors XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT -based application to your satisfaction.

Our company philosophy assures a thorough knowledge and understanding of the latest advancements in technology. Our mission is to provide a complete business solution for small- to medium- sized clients by leveraging their existing investment in Microsoft technology.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with the results of the service you received, we will go above and beyond the call-of-duty to make it right, Guaranteed!



Dhan Systems Management,
235 Resurrection Drive,
Kitchener, Ontario, N2N 3H2,


Fax: 519-579-1012

Telephone: 519-584-0238

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