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Complete Accounting System for Optical Stores

Original Order Soft Lens Order Accessory Order Customer Information

What is Opti Manager with Integrated Office Accounting?

  • Full-featured Accounting package with extensive Order Entry for contact lens manufacturers.

  • Both RGP & Softlens Orders.
  • Sophisticated Patients Management.
  • Extensive Reports.

  • Easy to use.

  • Year 2000 compliant.

  • Completely written in Microsoft Access with relational database.
  • Works perfectly with Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows NT.
  • Novell Network.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office.
  • Multiple user.

This powerful Windows-based Accounting program will:

  • Track your accounts receivable.
  • Track your accounts payable.
  • Control inventory.
  • Create unlimited lens design
  • Track your lot information for each button.
  • Quickly retrieve patient history.
  • Quickly retrieve design rejection.
  • Quickly retrieve material rejection.
  • Create reports for customer buying cycles.
  • Handle purchasing.
  • Create EDI sales reports.
  • Create EDI purchase Orders.
  • Offer more than 20 Price Levels.


Prepared by Padmini Passaperuma