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Complete Accounting System for Construction Industry

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Blue Link Solution for Construction Industry

  • Full-featured Accounting package for small to medium size construction company.

  • Types of Customer Billing Available:
    Cost-plus Billing
    Progress Billing
    Time & Material Billing
  • Sophisticated Job Estimates
  • Extensive Reports.

  • Easy to use.

  • Year 2000 compliant.

  • Completely written in Microsoft Access with relational database.
  • Works perfectly with Windows 95, Windows 98, MS2000 and Windows NT.
  • Novell Network.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office.
  • Multiple user.

Dhan Systems Management, has created the most powerful and sophisticated job cost and financial management tool to Blue Link Solutions is designed to meet the complex needs of construction industry. :

  • Track your accounts receivable.
  • Track your accounts payable.
  • Control inventory.
  • Create unlimited job estimates
  • Accurate and practical job cost/accounting tools will increase the accuracy and speed of your job cost estimation and help produce the kind of estimates that win contracts.
  • Multi-user capability is supported - the package is designed to handle concurrent access to the same database and/or user form. Multi-user security is built in.
  • MS Office interface standards are used to provide a user-friendly interface that reduces the learning curve and increases productivity.
  • Designed to meet the demands of small to medium-sized contractors, sub-trades, and home builders.
  • Handle purchasing.
  • Fully customizable - modifications can be made to mold the package to the exact needs of your business.

Prepared by Padmini Passaperuma