Turning problems into solutions for the Millennium

  • Some users think the changeover to new technology can be a difficult and trying experience. Our approach is object-oriented technology. This approach will bring your company a user-friendly environment and will lower the maintenance costs.

  • Most small- to medium- sized businesses don't need a program made from 'scratch'. A good program package 'off the shelf' that can be significantly modified is usually the most cost-effective approach to a solution. We prefer to modify such existing programs using a macro language native to a program, however in some special cases we have developed the program from the ground-up using Windows technology.

  • We design web-related databases. Most of our web applications are developed using Java, Perl, and HTML.

  • We also design web-based order entry systems which benefit your business by lowering the operational costs and reducing the operator errors.
    Sample order entry for contact lens manufacturers.

* Our consultants successfully developed and integrated numerous systems in Canada and the United States for companies in various industries.

As with many custom-development projects, getting the product you want can be a challenge.

It is a difficult task for a technical consultant to accurately interpret your business needs. Effectively designing a system for a company is a critical and demanding task.

What sets Dhan Systems Management apart from other software development companies is the fact that our staff is equally versed in both business and technology. We understand your business requirements, and keep them in mind throughout the entire development process.

Not only can we develop a system that will improve your business, but we will give you extensive reporting options and additional modules you may not have considered.

After all, finding ways to improve and expand your business should be the true benefit of any technology investment.

*If you are considering a custom development project, or would like more information on the process, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your company's specific software needs.

Thanks again for your time. If you require additional information, please fill out the More Information form or send us an e-mail addressed to:

Custom programs may save your business thousands per year for a fraction of one year's savings.

    *Custom Software Development
    including Order Entry/Inventory Control, A/R, A/P, Sales Analysis, Manufacturing including BOM, Scheduling, Integration with existing accounting systems.

    *A full-featured accounting package customized to your company's specific needs.
    With Dhan Systems Management's Accounting Solutions, you get the tools to build a system that's perfect for your business. Flexibility and depth of functionality enable your company to work smarter, faster and more efficiently, generating the results where you want them most - on your bottom line. Our Projects

*Existing Software Maintenance

*Modification of Existing Software

*Database Design
The database is a vital component in the development of a more effective integrated marketing communication program. On the other hand, computerized transactions are recorded and provide a great deal of valuable customer information. This information can provide you many opportunities to improve customer communication, measure effectiveness, and design more relevant and motivating marketing communication strategies and tactics. If you would like to know more about our customer database design, please fill out More Information. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

*Database Administration

*Web Design

*Web Database


*System Configuration

*Our custom software design approach is user-friendly.