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IOA Accounting Software Perfect Fit To Your Business.

Will upgrade IOA any version to Office 2003, 2007, and 2010
IOA is..

Easy to Use
Quick to Implement
Year 2000 complaint
Microsoft Office Technology
Will adapt to your business
Easy report creator
IOA Software Issues have been resolved by Dhan Systems Management
Dhan Systems Management has an issues-free version of the
IOA Software CD from version 2 to 5.0.
A/R Payment update Issues
Negative Order# Issue
Negative Invoice# Issue
Negative PO# Issue
A/R Retro Issues
A/P Retro Issues
Close Period Issues
Year Closing Issues
Report for Sales Analysis by Part#
Inventory GL Update for Warehouse Transfer
Multiple Back Orders, Multiple Packing Slips, Multiple Invoices
Purge Database - IOA Software Database Issues -

Integrated Office Accounting is not just an accounting system for your company; rather, it has all the necessary information and tools to monitor your company's growth.
In today's fiercely competitive business world, management should aim beyond simple survival to market leadership. Businesses need all the help they can get. While they may know the nuts and bolts of their business better than we can ever hope to, no one is better equipped to automate their business than we are. Our state-of-art integrated software solutions seamlessly automate a business' activities through every key functionality in the business.

A lot of satisfy Customers...
"IOA Accounting Software is a piece of software that allowed me to gain complete control of every aspect of my business."
- Larry Platt, Platt Contact Lens

"Our 20 year business history we never had a accounting software which has a painless physical inventory counting."
-Percy Jesso, Hydraulic Power Inc.

Advantages using an IOA Software

50% year one return on inventment, with a four-month payback period
Improved order accuracy
Streamlined purchasing efficiency.
Enable just-in-time inventory and drop-shipping
Improved productivity by at least 55%
Saved 30% of staffs time spend chasing down order status.

We are able to customize Integrated Office Accounting through Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. We can develop the program which you want using IOA as a main base. We can create reports which IOA Software does not have to meet your specific needs. We will do any modification, whether simple or complex, the way you want. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable database programmers with accounting backgrounds.

Accounting Services

  • Installing IOA and setting up the network.
  • Setting up accounting records and implementating accounting systems for new or existing businesses.
  • Restructuring existing systems.
  • Providing training and technical support.
  • Debugging and maintenance.
  • Database maintenance.

Our Software Development.....

Most small- to medium- sized businesses don't need a program made from 'scratch'. A good program package 'off the shelf' that can be significantly modified is usually the most cost-effective solution.
A very complex program created by Dhan Systems Management for the optical industry using IOA Software was Opti Manager.
Dhan Systems Management's existing Projects.

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Prepared by Padmini Karunasagara