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Doctor/Patients Contact Manager

Opti Manager Order Entry System

  • This module is designed to provide a robust working environment for Customer Information.

  • Through this screen you can view, add to and edit your customer database.
  • Information input to this sub-module is used throughout the accounting, allowing you to smoothly track invoices, orders and financial history by customer through the system.
  • This screen also offers you the following options in all-or most - modes: Its act as mini-secretary or print shop. Clike here to create a fax cover sheet, a quick letter or memo or an envelope for the selected costomer. You can also print basic information sheet on the selected number of customers.

This powerful customer infomation screen will handle following information within few second.

  • Find customers by customer number, phone #, Credit Card, Invoice #, City, Province, Country, Zipcode.
  • Financial tab includes YTD sales, Net Terms, Credit Limit, Sales commission, Tax exempt and Financial charges.
  • E-mail Internet Address.
  • Keep track of unlimited number of contacts in that company.
  • Shipping tab allows the customer to have unlimited ship-to address.
  • Unlimited notes can be maintained about your customers.
  • Instantly fill out bill - to addresses with ship - to address information when they are the same.
  • Quickly print a fax cover sheet, letter, memo, addressed envelope or basic customer information.


Prepared by Padmini Passaperuma