|    |  Soft Lens Order Original Order for RGP Lens

Opti Manager Order Entry System

  • This module is designed to provide a robust working environment for posting orders.

  • Your can quickly apply a design and the system will get the price according to the customer's price level.
  • If applicable, lens information automatically transfers between lenses.
  • Customers can be added instantly while entering an order.

This powerful and sophisticated order entry system has following categories:

  • Original Order
  • Warranty Order
  • Modification Order
  • Replacement Order
  • Accessory Order
  • Softlens Order
  • Cooper EDI process for 850-Purchase Order
  • Cooper EDI process for Sales Reporting
  • WJ EDI process for 850-Purchase Order
  • WJ EDI process for Sales reporting


Prepared by Padmini Passaperuma