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Microsoft Access 97/2000 - 10-days hands-on lab

This 10 day intensive hands-on session is an absolute must for anyone who
will be developing or managing a MS Access Database!

Develop and Automate your own Database
This course is designed for Business Managers and Entrepreneurs who have a need to develop their own database to automate their business processes. Attendees will systematically build a database from conception to implementation using various components of the business model.

In a Lab Environment you will work on the following.

Access Layout Strategy

Students will map out all the required information to be included in the database by identifying the various components of the sample Business model.

Defining the Business Model

Modules will include?

Statement of Account
Financial Reports

Developing the Business Model

Student will develop a functional database model from the beginning using fields, tables, links, forms.

Students will systematically map the Relational Database concepts between tables.

Creating reports.

Students will generate reports using queries to gather report data. 

Students will learn Object-Oriented programming using Access Advance programming concept.

Concepts you will review and Deploy
Relational Database Theory
Designing Relational Databases
Normalizing a Database
Understanding Referential Integrity
Creating tables
Creating Lookup Wizard Fields
Understanding Table Relationships
Working with Relationship toolbar
Editing & removing Relationships
Using queries to Join related Tables
Creating & using advanced queries
Calculating financial information
Creating Forms
Customizing Forms
Formatting Forms
Creating comflex  forms
Generating & Customizing Reports
Calculating Totals
Hiding duplicate values in a reports
Creating complex reports
Integrating Access with other Office programs
Embedding a Chart in a report
Linking a Word Document in a report
Exporting an Access table as an Excel Worksheet
Automating Tasks with Macros
Designing a user Interface Using Macros
Access Programming concepts
Testing and Debugging
Create Web Document

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